Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm Back

Hey guys I've finally graduated from college, more on that in a near by future, but thank you all for your patience, I'm doing a free lance job for my father, also more from that in a near future, thank you very much guys.
Now it's a long post because I have a lot of drawings I did this past months.

James Bond series that I have started to work this past week, more to come
I hope :)

Something I did for some friends project as a guest artists :) check their projetc it's really sweet-> DrawingPokes

Background study and also exploring some new brushes.

Noses, a small series of ladies and their different shapes of body and noses :)

Birds- shape exercise

Pen tool colorful ladies.
No sketch, only guessing with the pen tool :)

For now thats as much tomorrow I'll post the second part, their a lot of things.

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